• e-Archive:
    an exceptional value!

    The most affordable and cost-effective online archive on the market today.

Worldwide audience

The power of the e-Archive allows you to reach a worldwide audience but most importantly becomes more accessible and useful  within your own organization.

Microfilm, old version of PDFs, bound books or photos

We have the experience to help you in what is often the hardest part of an archive project – getting started. We digitize your content irrespective of format providing users with literally decades of information.

A long term lifespan for your heritage of information

Tecnavia’s e-Archive is always compatible and up to date, preserving your heritage of information and keeping the look and feel of the original documents.

Unique historical database

NewsMemory e-Edition Archive is a cost-effective solution for newspapers to store their current and historical replica editions in one central, searchable database.

Search Power

Invest in your history

You can capitalize on your archives by deciding what you feel are the most appropriate business models.
Offered at a very low cost, e-Archive is easily the most affordable online archive on the  market today and easily turns dusty legacies, or more recent documents, into new revenues.

e.g.: having your reader pay for the articles he selects out of the credits accumulated when he buys more copies or renews a subscription.

  • Secure and unlimited

    You will discover that you have a stable, secure solution, as well as virtually unlimited bandwidth that will allow uninterrupted video streaming.

  • Cloud and outsourced hosting

    Whenever you outsource, a back-up copy of all your archives, is built at your premises day by day and with absolutely no staff and no hardware & software investment required.

  • Fast and intuitive

    The results of even advanced searches of any text are made available in a fraction of a second and presented in an intuitive and easily usable mode.

    The efficiency and comprehensiveness of the search will – we’re sure – amaze even your editorial team, which will immediately adopt NewsMemory Bluebird in carrying out its own work.

  • Your own property

    Your reader will not realize that he is on our servers, and the search results, even from tens of thousands of your historical publications, will remain your own sole property.